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tonight: >> that's crazy. >> we know what they did. >> are voters crazy. >> there is only one crazy person around here, you may see him in a minute. >> bill: chaos among liberals, they are now fighting each other, trying to assign blame for the debacle in massachusetts. we have a number of reports. and you will hear some crazy stuff. >> when obama was running, i never did drink that kool-aid. this guy has got like macho neck. we saw him half naked in cosmopolitan a few years ago. >> is there a double standard in politics? could a woman politician have survived posing for cosmo? culture warriors on the case. >> lost on average over twice as much as those on the largest weight loss program. >> bill: largest lawsuit against jenny craig drags in hollywood celebrities. megyn kelly will analyze. you are about to enter the no spin zone the factor begins right now.
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>> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. chaos among liberals. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo in just a few moments we will show you some nasty business. liberals attacking liberals, trying to assign blame for the debacle in massachusetts tuesday night. basically it comes down to this. the far left believes president obama is not radical enough. the moderate left believes the far left loons are killing the democratic party. no matter what you believe there is no question the election of scott brown of massachusetts has badly damaged the democratic agenda, especially obama care. >> in its present form, without any change, i don't think it's possible to pass the senate bill in the house. i don't see the votes for it at this time. >> bill: indeed. now for conservatives, this is all great fun. watching the left to descend into turmoil. today the "new york times" published an editorial about the bay state election that is
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simply hard to believe quote: to our minds it is not remotely a verdict on mr. obama's presidency nor does it amount to a national referendum on health care reform. well our latest rasmussen poll 38% of likely voters now favor obama care. memo to the editor of the times do the words tone death mean anything to you? no referendum is needed. health care is present form. also mr. obama's entire presidency has been damaged. some democrats believe the president's trip to massachusetts actually hurt martha coakley and the "times" is telling us it's not a verdict on mr. obama's presidency? are you kidding me? all of this tells talking points the left has not learned anything from the elections in virginia, new jersey, and massachusetts. somehow uber liberals believe that regular folks think they way they do. a nanny state can solve all problems. i mean, how out of touch are these left-wing people?
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the crazy left media outlets are all in desperate shape. country has shift dramatically to the right. in the face of all of that, the committed left continues to blame everything on the bush administration, conservative radio commentators and fox news. paging rod southseerlg the to wt zone is back. we do not drink anyone's kool-aid here and it's obvious the american people don't like what they are seeing in washington right now. and they are rejecting the left wing media as well. president obama should take note. we predicted all hell would break loose if the republican won in massachusetts and that prediction is coming true. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. to prove my point, i'm going to the videotape. fasten your seat belts. >> but you say the voters are irrational. they somehow send smok signals in their voting. conservative against health care to tell the country they want a
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progressive health care program. that's crazy. >> we know what they did. >> are voters crazy? are voters crazy. >> there is only one crazy person around here. i may hold a premier. you may see him in a minute here. >> in trying to accommodate guys like joe lieberman and ben nelson and evan bayh, they came one watered down republican-like policies that were, frankly less effective. hello smaller stimulus just for the sake of being smaller. remember that? >> they had a choice between the public option candidate and kill it. they voted to kill it. how do you explain that? >> these voters were sending a message to washington. they asked for change and they haven't gotten change. we got a year dealing with every interest group banks. >> you are whistling past the graveyard here. >> i don't think so. >> she ran for the public option. >> our polling shows what it shows. >> she is for the public option. she got blown away. >> it's been a great disappointment to a lot of people. i would just argue that the hype on obama was entirely unrealistic. i mean, in some ways people projected on to obama a kind of mess me san thattic is he going
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to change in world kind of new age. i never did drink that kool-aid. >> suppose coakley would have run, you would have said that was a for democrats. >> i would have said thank god the right one won. >> if she wins it's a victory for your side if she loses it's a victory for your side. you said your side won. >> i haven't said anything have you taken all the. >> you crazy sons of pitches, you right wingers, do you not understand that the people you hold up as heroes bombed your [bleep] country? do you not understand that glenn beck and sean hannity and rush limbaugh and bill o'reilly are as complicit of the september 11th 2000 2001 terror attack as any one of those dumb ass 15 that came from saudi arabia?
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don't you get that. >> if you are scott brown listening to this program he is learning from you he out to back a public option. people were really secretly for the progressive position not for him. is that what you are saying. >> they are not saying that. >> be in his political self-interest to vote for the public option you are saying? wouldn't it be. >> we ought to move forward from this election. >> the polling showed people are for the public option. >> i said what i said. >> this is silly. >> you are being silly. you are saying no matter who wins the election your argument wins. >> let's play basketball with the president. good. let's see if the president can throw him an elbow under the hoop. >> bill: you think i interrupt? [ laughter ] so, what does that spectacle tell us? well, here is one thing. there is no liberal message anymore. with the folks rejecting big government and the soft treatment of terrorists, there is nowhere for the far left to go. when senator mccain lost to
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barack obama, you didn't see a lot of right wing hand to hand combat there was some bitterness but conservatives did not generally turn on each other with exception of radio guys that make heir living in the gutter. all in all it's now midnight at the oasis for the left. they have no message. they have no plan. while the right was crushed in november of 2008, conservatives are now having some revenge. we'll see how that plays out. next on the rundown, two liberals will discuss the chaos within the democratic party. and later, megyn kelly on the supreme court throwing out mccain-feingold. and a big lawsuit against jenny craig starring some famous women. upcoming. breathe right, the small strip that gives you...
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the subaru outback. motor trend's 2010 sport/utility of the year. the oil crisis is over. i don't think so. our economy is bleeding billions for foreign oil... importing nearly 70% - much of it from countries that don't like us. that's billions we should use to create american jobs. we have plenty of american natural gas, to power our trucks and bus fleets. it's cheaper, cleaner, abundant, and it's ours. we've had our wake up call. it's time to act. >> bill: continuing now with our lead story chaos on the left joining us from washington democrat lanny davis who is taking heat from a column he wrote from the far left from. boston dr. marc lamont hill who
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teaches at colombia university. dr. hill, you know you are a little too late. if you had gone up there this time last week you might have swayed the election for martha coakley and couldn't have done any worse than president obama did. >> if i went instead of obama, i think she would have gotten two more points. >> bill: it woble could have happened. what do you think about all this nutty stuff going on on the left? >> i mean, this is classic left-wing problem. i mean, for the last two years we have been more galvanized and organized than ever. but prior to the last two years we have always had firing squads in the circle retreating back to old strategy of picking on each other and turning on each other instead of turning to each other with a political agenda. it's a disaster. >> bill: you are not surprised by this? i didn't anticipate all of this kind of angst in open combat. >> oh, i did. oh, i did. >> bill: did you? >> it's been bubbling for the last year. the congressional black caucus, for example, had been sitting on its hands when they were mad at obama. hard core antiwar lefters upset not saying much. people have been giving president obama a pass.
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i have been critical of his lack of agenda for the last six months to a year. most people have not. they finally had enough. the fact that the white house couldn't help squeak out a victory in massachusetts, a kennedy senate seat, the fact that you couldn't secure that says there is no leadership at the top right now. >> bill: do you really believe that if barack obama moved further to the left into your precinct that he would be more popular among the folks? you can't believe that. >> i think you would see less infighting right now. >> bill: yeah, among your crew you would. but, he would further alienate the american people. now, lanny, you wrote a column right after scott brown won. tell the folks what you said and the reaction to it. >> well, i write as a liberal who supported the president and the democratic congress national health insurance program and i was in favor of a public option. the only problem with the professor and my viewpoint is that a majority of people in america disagree with us. and 2 and 2 equals 4 and this is a no spin zone fact that we lost
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in massachusetts because we lost the debate on health care and the american people see health care as a -- our proposal, i think incorrectly but still our fault that they see it this way as big government, high taxes, and fiscal irresponsibility. that's not where the country is. barack obama did show leadership, did try his best the same way that bill clinton did with the same result. and i want to say one more thing, bill, about your comeb tear. -- commentary. don't be too sure that after the 1994 debacle that you aren't predicting this was all over for bill clinton and look what happened. >> bill: i wasn't on the air then. >> too soon to be barack obama -- >> bill: lanny, i didn't predict it's all over for president obama. i just said he lost power. but, after you wrote your column, saying that, you know, the folks are just not seeing it our way, you got attacked by the far left, the same people we saw in the montage. what did they say about you? >> well, what happens on both sides in my case, whenever i go
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and slightly deviate from the orthodoxy on the hard pure left is instead of dealing with the merits of my argument, they get personal. it simply acknowledgment that they don't have the merits. we lost in massachusetts. it's the message, stupid. it's not the messenger. >> bill: they said nasty things about you. >> they attacked me personally. that's their last refuge. that means they lost the argument. >> bill: that's what they always do. we have been watching our coverage on our competing networks and some of it is just disgraceful. there is no doubt about it dr. hill, weren't you surprised to hear that i was complicit in the 9/11 attack? >> i was shocked. i mean, i blame you for a lot of things. i didn't know you were that intricately involved. >> bill: i threw that sound bite in there because most liberals don't believe that stuff but there are enough of them that do. there are enough of them that do. >> no they don't, bill. >> bill: am i wrong?
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>> yes, you are absolutely wrong there are probably about seven people in america who think you were complicit in 9/11. just like there is a handful of people that believe in the birther stuff. we can track these people out but the reality is that small crew of people does not represent the left or the right wing ideology. >> bill: when you hear these people in the media, lanny, and i don't want to get specific because, you know, i'm not in the business to prop up our competition. we're beating them now six or seven to one. but when you see this nasty, hateful garbage coming out of the far left, and it does come out of the far right, too, but this week it has certainly been centered, scott brown was called every name in the book. how could these people possibly think this is helping their cause, lanny? it's just driving people away. >> it actually amazes me and i know what you are talking about that they don't realize that by getting personal they have lost the argument. i remember the candidate i supported in the democratic
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primary hillary clinton was attacked by the same voices and attacked personally. >> bill: coming out of nbc primarily but it's talk radio, shoe too, air america. >> could i just add one thing that i do think you are right about. there needs to be a pivot and barack obama didn't run on the public option. he never mentioned those words, and he never mentioned an individual mandate. in fact, he was opposed to an individual mandate. he ran on a new politics that transcends partisanship. he now has the opportunity, he is freed. this is actually something that he can now do to reach out to conservatives and republicans. >> bill: we will see. it's interesting you see that, lanny. we just invited him on the factor first time that he has been elected extend invitation. i think it's time that president obama come back on this program and talk to the folks. i think it's time. >> you got a lot of viewers that he ought to be talking to. >> bill: you know how many viewers last night? about 7 million. we wiped out abc prime time schedule last night. beat them all. >> i wouldn't hold my breath for the president.
8:16 pm
>> bill: i'm not so sure about that. >> he enjoyed taking you on, bill, you have a tough time dealing with him because is he a pretty smart guy. >> bill: yeah, i do. you know me, i will met down. >> i'm not sure you can hang with him, bill. it will be fun to watch. >> bill: all right, gentlemen. thank you. directly ahead laura ingraham has been listening to all the chatter. she has some thoughts about the warfare on the left. then the culture warriors on scott brown's physical attributes. is there a double standard in play here. right back. ( inspiring music playing ) someday, the driver will get to choos
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>> week in review. miss laura has been fog the reaction on the left scott brown's win in massachusetts. she joins us from washington. i know all of that bloviating was painful for you to sit through. >> it was. >> bill: so what say you? >> two tylenol later, yeah. >> bill: what say you? >> bill, it's like -- i have been to after from can a a couple times on safari in bat swan that. i like going to africa because i like seeing the animals in natural environment. when you see mean thats surrounding a dead carcass. they turn on each other and ripping the flesh off each other not just the carcass it is really, really ugly out there
8:20 pm
and it should be for a reason. for months, bill, democrats, including blue dog democrats have been ignoring their constituents. it's been going on for months and months. and now there is a price to be paid. >> bill: you were not a big john mccain fan. >> no. >> bill: when he ran against barack obama. and there was a division in the conservative core. >> sure. >> bill: but after mccain lost, i didn't see this on the right. now, with the exception of few gutter snipes, conservative gutter snipes. we all know who they are. but i didn't see it. it wasn't like this spectacle that we are seeing now. now i'm not saying that conservatives are better people than liberals or anything like that. i'm just wondering why? what is it in the left wing culture that makes them do this kind of stuff? what is it? >> well, it's ironic that conservatives are always called the mean, intolerant hateful people. but you see what they are doing to people like jim webb now. webb is a traitor now to
8:21 pm
democrat activists on the left. >> bill: senator from west virginia who says we have to rethink obama care. >> slow it down. other people like evan bayh, they are in the process of being vilified. others i have talked to kind of middle of the road democrats who have been holding their fire in recent weeks, they feel like they are under assault. i can't explain what's in the d.n.a. of the far left, bill, but what can i say is that it's unreasonable for them to think that month after month, poll after poll, these democrats are going to just keep running at full speed ahead into a brick wall and then back up and do it again even faster. at some point they have to stop. >> bill: like lanny davis and even hill. as far as left as dr. hill is, they both know this is insane. you can't keep governing the way president obama is governing and expect a to hold power much longer. you are not going to do it. it's as clear as it can be. but that isn't stopping this vitriol that is coming out of
8:22 pm
the far left pre60's toward anyone who disagrees with them, whether it be a democrat or a republican, a liberal or conservative. you don't tow that ideological line they are going to rip your tongue out and attack you personally. that's what they are going to do. >> what they really hate to some regard are the voters. >> bill: they despise the voters. >> she didn't want to spend time with the voters. you get the sense that they want the voters to show up every election for them, you know, for their candidates but in the meantime they don't really want to hear from the voters. they certainly don't want to hear from the town hall people, the tea party people. they don't even want to answer their phone bill on capitol hill. i can't tell you how many people call me on my radio show and say you know the phones are actually just not answering or they go right to voice mail all the time. you can't reach half of these people. that's a clever little tactic. >> bill: all right, now, i expect president obama to do what lanny davis said, pivot. i expect that they are meeting in the white house right now to say, look, we have to come up with a new strategy.
8:23 pm
nancy pelosi comes out today and says i can't get this obama thing to pass. it's not going to happen. it's all done. it's over. they can continue to try to prop up the titanic but it's going down. so you have got to anticipate in the next week or two his state of the union is next week. he can't go and say hey, the state of the union is swell. i think he is going to try to say things are improving and here is what we have done well and this, that, and the other thing. we expect that they have got to change. how do you think they are going to change? >> well, the bill. they might say they are going to change, but i heard david axelrod yesterday and he is saying basically full steam ahead. we have to do a better job at speaking directly to the american people, blah, blah, blah. >> bill: well then they have to come on the factor. >> every time you turned around they are speaking. >> bill: the president is going to have to come on here. i would love him to come on here and say look, here is my message and here is what the people aren't getting about the message. that would be a good way. buff i think they are going to have to go the right. they will have to move to the right, laura. >> bill, i don't think he is
8:24 pm
like bill clinton. i disagree with you that he is really going to make a concerted policy change. i just don't see it. i think he will repackage things and do a rebranding, maybe oprah will come back and hope him -- help him with that. i don't see a substantive move to the middle. >> bill: if that doesn't happen, lawyer remarks they will get their butts kicked in november. you are following races that you think there are big shots that are really vulnerable. >> there are fascinating things going on out there. this is before the scott brown victory, bill. one of the races that people are going to think this is improbable. but in california, barbara boxer is now in a really close contest against any number of republicans running, carlie thee reena, republican. one of the top possible contenders there, tom campbell, long-time california republican, very well known in the state. also running, a guy named chuck devore. she is only leading by 3 points in some of these polls. now, she is a tough campaigner. she is not going to do a martha coakley and kind of take a vacation.
8:25 pm
she will fight for every vote. but the fact that it is so close at this point in california, t. is -- should be a wake up call. if she goes down, bill, republicans can we take the senate. >> bill: i will tell you harry reid is going down. >> that's a thought. >> bill: he is going down. there is no doubt in my mind about that laura, thanks, very much. reappreciate it some big stars are lined up to raise money for haiti tomorrow night. we will analyze whether that is a worthy enterprise. megyn kelly on a big lawsuit against jenny craig. did the weight loss operation do anything wrong? we hope you stay tuned to those reports. ♪ love wounds [ male announcer ] before you ever love it, the nissan altima goes through over 5,000 tests. no wonder it's ranked highest in initial quality by j.d. power and associates. it's quality you can love. lease an altima for $189 a month
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>> bill: culture warrior segment tonight. much has been made for scott brown posing for does no poll tan magazine in 1982 we don't need to show you the entire picture but you get the idea. there is a series issue involved. if a woman politician had posed for "sports illustrated" or something like that, would she be scrutinized more than mr. brown was? the ladies on "the view" weighed in on the subject. >> he is by far the best looking politician i have ever seen because john edwards was gorgeous but he was in a pretty sort of way. this guy has got like machoness and we saw him half naked in cosmopolitan a few years ago. look. dreamy. >> i have a question for you. it's very interesting that you immediately went to, you know, is he really good looking, he is gorgeous.
8:29 pm
when people always talked about if they say anything like that about hillary or sarah, when they were focusing on their looks. i mean, i'm not judging because i think he is fine, too. >> i'm just a female chauvinist pig, i guess. >> i'm having a lust moment. you don't hear me have those very often about anybody. this guy is hot. >> bill: here now the culture warriors gretchen carlson and margaret hoover. okay, hoover, a double standard hehe? because brown actually benefitted from, this i believe. would a woman politician? >> absolutely not. forget about it. there is no way if gretchen wanted to run for congress in her district in two years if she had posed naked in playboy 20 years ago, forget about it. >> bill: she wouldn't have been able to run for congress because her parents would have killed her. she would be dead. >> why? >> bill: i'm sticking up for you, carlson. >> i thought you said they didn't want me to a politician. >> bill: no. they didn't want you to pose for playboy. >> to bring that even further.
8:30 pm
>> bill: talk slower to carlson can follow. >> thank you, bill. i have posed in a swimsuit in being a former miss america and, trust me, that would be enough to try to railroad any chance for me to become a politician. >> bill: sarah palin did. >> and that was first picture that came out about her. >> bill: they used it, but it didn't really hurt her, did it. >> it didn't help as much. >> bill: i'm interested in the double standard thing. so, hoover, you are convinced that there is a double standard in evaluating. >> absolutely. >> bill: female politicians as opposed to male and what they do. >> absolutely. by the way, one other thing. think about this, we haven't had a single female politician come out where there has been an affair scandal come out. think about what's going to happen about that and the ripple effects. >> bill: over in ireland now the robinson woman that just derailed everything. >> in the united states. there is a total double standard with respect to sexuality and women in politics. >> bill: do you agree that there is a double standard in politics? >> i do. however, i don't think that this necessarily helped or hurt scott brown. is he a good looking guy.
8:31 pm
>> bill: you don't think it helped him? >> trust me. >> bill: here is how it helped him. >> it got him more famous quicker. people locked in on him physically and then they remembered his name. you know? that's how it helped him bill. >> gretchen: they remembered him because of health care and terrorism. >> had it been a woman, it would have depopularized her factor. >> bill: there is a study out and this is from the university of california that studied 150 female students about their looks. and i'm going to quote here and then i want you to address it carlson, if you would. quote: women with blonde hair have the competitive edge to be more aggressive and determined than redheads and brunets say the scientists at the university of california. is that true? is that why there are so many blondes at fox news because you are more driven? >> well, i mean i'm going to agree that i think that that could be true. but i'm going to have a different theory behind it. >> bill: okay. >> they say it's because blondes are used to be treating as
8:32 pm
princesses and that's why they fight harder to win an argument. i would say that blondes are used to be demoralized and called bimbos. >> they are overcome pen saght for cliche about intellect. >> how easy is it to say for anyone if they don't agree with us oh look at those benbows. >> bill: are blondes more qualified. >> i feel unqualified to answer that question. unbelievably bogus they found 156 people they interviewed on the set of the movie clueless and legally blonde. honestly, what this is. >> bill: whatever. >> scientific study to justify the casting. >> bill: university of california. this is our tax dollars at work. are you telling me. >> it is bogus. so blonde women are not more aggressive and driven. >> you need a bigger end. a bigger sample side.
8:33 pm
>> every time we have a study about blondes that's positive, we just go with it. okay? we just say we like this one. >> bill: the university of california needs a bigger sample, come to fox news. because we have thousands literally of blonde individuals here. all right. now,. >> luckily most of them are smart. >> bill: a study like this though is, i think, demeaning to women, is it not? it's basically breaking women down. what happens if you are a brunette but you decide to die your hair blond. automatically rumor aggressive and more driven. >> according to the study that was the case. if you change your hair color. >> bill: calm and all of a sudden you get out of the hair salon and you are godzilla. >> i think we are just having fun with this. think any time they want to say something positive about having blonde hair i will take it. >> bill: okay. how about you? >> i can't even believe that we're calling this a study. when there are 150 people who were samples and they were all in southern california. you can't keep the blondes
8:34 pm
straight. what's demeaning here that bill o'reilly can't keep his blondes straight or that the study says that blondes are aggressive. >> bill: she went to stanford where did did you go to college. >> bryn mawr college. liberal bra burning college. >> bill: i think it is tougher for a woman in the public eye. i have always said that tougher deal for a woman on television because you age out faster and in politics because if you do have, you know, a little cover some place, that's what they are going to throw up there. and you guys both agree with me. >> absolutely. >> bill: first time in history. first time ever in culture history. >> if i was closer to you i would give you a high five. >> bill: i think i may dye my hair blonde. >> you are already aggressive enough. >> bill: i'm already aggressive enough says carlson. on that note when we come back megyn kelly, another blonde working hard tonight. the supreme court says the mccain-feingold finance law unconstitutional. and the jenny craig weight loss operation being sued.
8:35 pm
some famous ladies are in the spotlight there. the kelly file is next. [ male announcer ] this is america.
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but in its maximum attention to detail, from individually operated dvd players, child monitoring mirror... [ gasps ] [ male announcer ] ...elegant leather seating surfaces and wireless headsets, to its voluminous storage compartments. make it the hero to any family. ew! ew! [ chuckles ] [ male announcer ] the volkswagen routan with 0% apr and 3 years or 36,000 miles of care free maintenance. >> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the kelly file segment tonight. the supreme court ruled 5-4 today that parts of the mccain-feingold campaign finance law are unconstitutional and that means some big corporate money can come back into politics. here now to analyze fox news anchor megyn kelly who used to
8:38 pm
cover the supreme court. all right. so, i don't want to get too technical here. >> right. >> bill: but it was the conservatives saying no, you can't limit the money and the liberals saying yeah we have to limit the money. >> exactly right. the conservatives said this is a free speech matter and corporations and unions for that matter have the right to offer their speech, meaning their support of a candidate. so, now, we're going to see big, big money coming into these. >> bill: i don't really like that, do you. >> it won't go directly to the politicians. that's still not allowed. it will go to ads. >> i see the conservative's point. speech is -- free speech is there for a reason. >> bill: constitutionality of it, i absolutely do. if you are just going to go by the constitution, they were correct. >> well. that's generally how it works. >> bill: i know that we have to deal with reality here. the founding fathers had no idea that we were going to have 100-million-dollar presidential races. >> well, maybe they weren't on that scale back then but they
8:39 pm
still had money floating about. >> bill: media and all of this stuff. >> if you want to change the constitution, there is a special thing called an amendment so you can do it. >> bill: some people have floated that because there is a danger that you can buy a presidency. >> that's what people are concerned about. barack obama has already come out and said he is going to work with the legislature to try to tamp this ruling down to some extent. you can't. it's a constitutional ruling. you have got to change the constitution if you don't like it. >> bill: change for the people watching is the corporations, big unions, this and that will be able to buy as many ads as they want to buy, slamming anybody they want to slam. >> even more overwhelmed with campaign ads than you already are. >> bill: good for the tv people. good for us. >> there you go. >> bill: fort hood issued a report. i was outraged. basically ignored the fact that the massacr guy was a muslim and driven by jihad. am i correct? >> yeah. and the guy who was -- who co-led the pentagon review former army secretary togo west.
8:40 pm
>> bill: togo. >> togod. west jr. >> bill: with all due respect to his service he is a moron. tell the audience. >> he said radicalization of any sort is the problem. and our concern, he says is with actions and effects not really with motivation. radiculopathyization of any sort. really not a muslim thing. nod radical islam. if it happens to anybody. it completely down plays. >> bill: radical nfl fan keep an eye on you. >> it's so ironic, bill, political correctness most agree led to this problem to begin with. >> bill: guy was not scrutinized the way an ordinary person would have been. >> exactly right. now, once again, in the review of what happened down in fort hood, political correctness is again the problem. >> bill: they do it again. how many dead bodies do we need before they learn a lesson. >> bill: how cards do you have to have that says soldier of allah. this major had a business card that said soldier of allah and togo what's his last name again.
8:41 pm
>> togo west, who is in charge of the investigation, ladies and gentlemen. togo can't put that together that maybe the jihad played a role. >> then is he bending over backwards again saying well, you know religious fundamentalist groups are not violent and religious ba-based violence is not confined to members of fundamentalist groups. just get it, you know what happened with hasan. >> bill: i don't want to hear from togo ever again. now there is a case now in the u.s. court of court of appeals federal about a teenager who sent out pictures of herself topless. >> sixth sexting. >> bill: some 12-year-olds doing the same thing they are charged with child pornography. >> the problem for the folks who want to bring this case they didn't really send out the pictures. they were having a slumber party. the two young girls had pictures in their training bras and 16-year-old had a picture topless coming out of the shower. they took that photo on a
8:42 pm
regular camera. they didn't take it on a cell phone and send it off to somebody. none the less, somehow it wound up circulating around the school and then it becomes kiddy porn. child pornography at that point. >> bill: i don't care about how the thing happened. it's the bigger issue that authorities want the power, the police want the power and prosecutors want the power that if you, you are a teenager, take a picture of yourself and send it out. >> yeah. >> bill: that you can be charged with child pornography. >> that's been the case in several states. they are doing it not because they want to harass children. >> bill: do you agree with that. >> they want to tamp down on child pornography and scare the kids. i don't. i think it should be available as a criminal charge in certain circumstances but not here. these girls were just behaving like morons at a slumber party. i understand you want to scare them and send a message to the other kids. >> bill: you want to stop it? >> you ground them and take away their cell phones for a year and computer for a year. leave it in the hands of the parents or maybe threaten them. >> bill: charge the young people with indecent exposure. >> something -- agreed a slap on
8:43 pm
the wrist. >> bill: a child pornography felony beef and that will ruin their lives forever. >> it's too much for the circumstance. >> bill: i agree with that i think the message has to be sent. finally weight watchers is suing jenny craig they are both in the business to have you use their services to drop pounds. jenny craig hires big time celebrities like valerie bertinelli and kirstie alley. it didn't work out for her. do we have a picture? >> not so much. >> bill: not so much. what is weight watchers beef with jenny craig. >> jenny craig went out there with this ad, playing right now, saying that jenny craig's client did twice as well as weight watchers clients did. >> bill: they didn't mention weight watchers. >> they said the number one weight loss program in the nation. >> bill: jenny craig is twice as effective as weight watchers. >> according to quote a major clinical trial. hey, major clinical trial forget weight watchers i'm going to go with jenny craig. not so much. it was actually two non-major
8:44 pm
clinical trials that happened 10 years apart that had no intention of comparing weight watchers to jenny craig. >> bill: so weight watchers has a beef. >> weight watchers went in and said that's not okay and that's false advertising. they got a temporary restraining order against that ad. >> bill: this sounds like the blonde study we just talked about. it may not be very credible. >> i don't think blondes are more aggressive. >> bill: no, i don't either. >> i like the part about them being smarter. >> bill: whatever you believe about blondes, kelly, i believe. >> good man. >> bill: whatever you believe i believe as far as the blonde. >> whatever was complimentary in there, yes, it's true. >> bill: february 1st two hours 1 to 3. >> yeah. >> bill: that's a lot of kelly. >> can you deal with it. >> bill: that's a lot of you. >> i have got a lot to say, bill. a lot of news going on. >> bill: watch you 10 hours a week now? >> that's the bottom line. >> bill: 1 to 3 february 1st fox news channel kelly has got her own show by herself. no guest, kelly talking for two hours. >> it's back to me. >> bill: all right, kelly, congratulations to you.
8:45 pm
you will still be on the factor every week unless you get out of line. in a moment, some big-name stars holding a telethon to raise money for haiti tomorrow night. is that a worthy enterprise? then, the late night guys still going at each other. right back with those reports. n. it has the agility and the power to take on any mission, and the space to accommodate precious cargo, because every great action hero needs a vehicle. see your lexus dealer. ♪
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, writing in the "new york times" today left wing columnist nicholas posed this question quote: is haiti hopeless? is bill o'reilly right? no, he's not right. and this is the most pernicious mitt of all. in fact, haiti, in recent years, has been much better managed, unquote. well, once again, mr. kristof is wrong. 10 ago in 199975% of the haitian people lived below the poverty line. last year, 80% were living in poverty. in the same 10-year period the united states donated close to $2 billion to haiti. the world bank sent the country hundreds of millions of dollars more. so obviously this society is getting worse despite all the aid. hey, mr. kristof, wise up, don't mislead your readers. now, the question remains, should we americans donate to help the haitian people after that terrible earthquake? joining us from west palm beach florida wesley a.j. hawk the founder and radio host. you know the problem down there. i went down to haiti a couple of
8:49 pm
times. i found a charity, the hastings health foundation in jeremy, which is a town in the mountains above prawps. i have given money -- above port-au-prince. i gave money because i knew it got to the haitian people. i would not send a general check down to haiti because it's not going to get to the folks, am i wrong. >> yes and no. first of all, good evening, it's a pleasure to be here. yes and no i said because i want to state to you frankly the question of helping haiti is one of the biggest questions of this time. yes, people should keep sending money to haiti but we should make sure that the money gets exactly where we want it to go. because you are right, when you say that if you don't really get to a specific place, this is the reason why i think that people should choose reputable organization. >> bill: sure like the red cross and doctors without border. i have no beef with that. >> i will tell you one of the
8:50 pm
things that people are saying on the radio every single day that we should not be sending money to the government because we should be sending money and make sure that the money is spent exactly the way it should be. >> bill: catholic charities is another one. this and that. >> that's right. >> bill: where did the 2 billion go that we sent to haiti? where did that money go? obviously things didn't get better in the years we sent it? >> it's not going to be done that quickly though, mr. o'reilly. first, because of political instability. and there i am going to be upfront with you. we have to look at the relationship between haiti and the united states to understand certain things that are haight happening in haiti. when i read the article in the paper, i said when answered said mr. o'reilly is not right, he is wrong, i think that is part he is right and also is wrong. >> bill: how am i wrong? >> i will tell you why. i will tell you exactly why you are wrong. first, from the humanitarian point of view, mr. o'reilly,
8:51 pm
let's look at it you just told me that you send money to haiti. >> bill: all right. >> everyone, every human being should look at haiti today and look at the suffering of the people. the people had nothing to do with mismanagement of government. >> bill: i never told people not to send money. i encourage them to send money. on my web site i have a way they can send money. i feel sorry for the 9 million haitians. i will tell what you mr. jack. we have done all we can do in the united states to try to help the island and the island is corrupt. it remains corrupt. and kristof is saying it's getting better. he is not telling the truth. it ain't getting better. >> no. one thing about the article i do not agree with though that i give credit for this is when he said that -- things are better. no, things are not better. >> bill: that's right. >> things are not better. i'm here to tell you the truth about haiti. things are not better. things are still the same. it's even worse because the cries that are coming from haiti to us in america, this is cries of corruption. right now i think that haiti has
8:52 pm
been having a problem for a long time. >> bill: i have got to run. but would you like the united states for a period of six months to just run things down there and try to get it straightened out? >> i would like doing that if work with responsible haitians. >> bill: okay. that's fair enough. >> we have people in haiti who are very responsible. people can. >> bill: they just need a helping hand. i gold for that. mr. a.j. jackies thanks for joig us again. haitian health foundation. information on bill o' pinheads and patriots on deck tonight starring late night guys. they are still acting out. right back with p and p. national car rental knows i'm always in a rush.
8:53 pm
they let me charge past the counter... and choose any car in the aisle. you know how that makes me feel? like dancing? ♪ oh, yeah. go national. go like a pro.
8:54 pm
bill: time for pinheads and patriots. conan o'bryans last day is tomorrow. he will walk away with 32 million dollars but still taking shots. >> we are going to introduce new comedy bits that aren't so
8:55 pm
much funny as they are expensive. say hello to our new character. there it is ladies and gentlemen. there it is the most expensive car in the world dressed up like a mouse. and as you can hear the mouse's theme song is the original master recording of the rolling stones' classic, "satisfaction." total price tag for this comedy bit 1.5 million dollars! bill: you can decide if mr. o'brien is being a patriot or pinhead. the same guess for letterman and anyone know. >> conan had tonight show now leaving nbc negotiating with him that intellectual property. he can't take his signature comedy bits with him. that's okay, jay will take them. it is going to work out fine. >> letterman has been going
8:56 pm
after me. the best way to get letterman to ignore you? marry him. he will not bother you. he won't look new the eye. bill: once again you decide, i'm staying out of it. pinheads or patriots? the beck/o'reilly bold fresh tour getting bigger. civic auditorium sold out. the second show might be gone by tomorrow, if you want 'em, get 'em now. all the january bold fresh shows are sold out. you can see news the movies. the website boldfresh the first they -- theater to sell-out will be out in long island. saturday night january 30th. the mail ed: o'reilly, i agree obama has lost power but it is not the republicans have gained the
8:57 pm
power goes to the people. kristin: list own to dick morris concerning health care congress will try to ram the bill through. dick is right. bless you for writing. today nancy pelosi said she cannot get the votes to pass the senate version of the obama care. morris was wrong. guess who was correct? gloating is so annoying i will not be a part of gloating, not me. but guess who was correct? catherine: bill the way you interviewed morris and luntz was deft and insightful no doubt you are a master interrogator. bless you for writing. theresa: i agree with trippi's observation of us are frustrated with both parties we are not dumb sheep. dr. joe whitaker: you missed the points in haiti the military's priority should be to save americans you sounded like were you making excuses for the military.
8:58 pm
bill you do not treat the parents of the missing students with the empathy they deserve they have a right to be upset. i agree but i must report the reality of the situation in haiti. susan: it is unfortunate that it took the factor to get our military to the hotel. i would expect our government to spoken faster. it is chaos down there but lives are at stake so we are doing our best to shake things up. john: it was a mistake to put their parents on air their breakdown was predictable and you have nothing to offer them. we can offer them resolution. tomorrow we'll have an an update on this very emotional and compelling story in haiti. laurie: o'reilly i cannot believe you interviewed palin about what she does for fun. why have you never asked karl rove that question? give me a break folks are interested in the governor's
8:59 pm
life if you care what karl rove does for fun, i'll ask, but you may be the only one. mary: i'm excited to see you and beck january 30th, i'm going to surprise my sister with a travel mug. sorry, your plug is terrific gear available on bill o' please e-mail us with pithy comments. o'riley@o' our word no caterwauling. that it is for us today i'm bill o'reilly, check -- remember the spin stops right here.

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